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About Us

Tafoma is a team of experienced professionals guided by the same goal: to embrace the new and evolving digital workplace with an all-in-one solution to teamwork and project management problems.

Inspired by the fast-paced changes of the modern world, the need for transparency, demands of efficient and productive collaborative workspaces, and our own experience in the field; we created Tafoma.

Now, we bring you our vision. Let's reinvent the working environment together!

More About Us

History Begins in 2016

  1. 2016

    The Idea Was Born

    Tafoma - our new digital workspace software: created out of our collective need for a more user-friendly and collaborative workplace environment.

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  2. 2018

    Beta Public Release

    We were ready to show our all-in-one, streamlined platform to the public. We wanted everyone to experience how our non-integrative software solution would revolutionise their team and project management.

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  3. 2020

    Tafoma 1.0 General Public Release

    Equipped with positive feedback from end-users we worked hard to polish and evolve the software, and could finally head out of beta. With Tafoma we had created a single, efficient web-based tool that brought together every workplace need; an elegantly designed digital solution that makes productivity and efficiency easy. All you need for project tracking, management, and collaboration within a single platform without requiring third party integration: fall in love with the digital workplace evolution with Tafoma.

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Purpose, Mission & Vision


Purpose - embrace the industry wide transition to a cloud-based workspace, enhance employees experience and to future- proof work environments.


Mission - follow the latest trends in technology, to make strategic investment in research and development, as well as to make sure of continuous up-skilling of all our employees.


Vision - expand globally, with a major focus on continuous improvement of our products and services as well as growth and development of the company – together with its partners, employees and users. All with an aim of becoming a household name.

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The Dream Team

Some of the faces behind Tafoma.

Team-Member Todd

Todd B.

Team-Member Goran

Goran C.

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Team-Member Savica

Savica T.

Shooting Guard
Team-Member Savica

Chris B.

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